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Pablo Posada Pernikoff
FRANCE | currently living and working in Japan


Flying Memories
Glass, silk, wood, ink on acetate
124 x 58 x 58 cm

Pablo Posada Pernikoff

Pablo Posada Pernikoff's Cabinet Artwork, France

My work evolves around the abstraction of changes, movements and time on different materials using light and shadow, trying to give a shape to the sensations these phenomena can produce. In this case it's something different, we are talking about a time - space of ten years in past present and future tense, of a relation of friendship and mutual enrichment, things that are essentially intangible.

Thus I made this work as intangible as possible, a cabinet that is reduced to a soft translucent shell floating, inside an ethereal object that wanders in between two dimensions, there is no opening in this cabinet because it's meant to put your memories, your feelings and your sensations.

Like in friendship there's no need to open physical doors to see it, far from the eyes but close to the heart.