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Curator : Sin Sin Man

As time is marching on, it is important to look back from time to time: to re-see the past with our time-updated eyes and heart, to learn and to appreciate more. Right from the very beginning, Sin Sin Fine Art has always been a very personal project for me. I personally choose each artist and each artwork shown at Sin Sin Fine Art. There is a story behind each discovery, which would be interesting to share with others. So this summer, I am going to REVISIT my artists, picked an artwork, and share with all of you the story behind it!

It is not an easy task to organise such a diverse body of work by so many amazing artists. I started by gathering the artists into three groups; artists whose works look good together. I worked intuitively. As each group was shaping up, a connection between them became apparent. Colours begun to suggest themselves to each group, so I decided to use three colours to represent the three groups. These are lovely lively vibrant colours that I feel reflect the mood and characteristic of the works shown in each group.

The first colour is Green, which for me is the colour of youth energy, of rejuvenation. I see this characteristic in the artworks belong to the Green group: they are bursting with energy, some are more obvious, while others are rather subtle.

Next is Blue. Blue is the ocean, blue is the sky. Blue is lightness of being, of openness. Blue is soulful and noble. You can sense this in the artworks: the brush strokes, the delicate lines, the skilful techniques the artists employed in their works.

Now, Yellow is like a spice of life that brings warmth and playfulness, without losing their depth. And these qualities emanate from the artworks shown in the Yellow group. Although each artwork is distinctly different from one another, they do share certain common thread. They look even more beautiful displayed together, conversing and relating to each other.

Each work will be accompany by a little story on how I discovered and relate to the artist, which would give a unique insight into the dynamics and the relationship between the artists and their gallerist who is also an artist herself.