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“is the act of seeing and being seen”

Sin Sin Fine Art is pleased to present a solo exhibition Hidden Gaze by Hong Kong artist Wong Tong. With new element combining traditional handicraft, the artist is able to bring up new perspective. This exhibition will showcase his latest body of work, including paintings, installation and hand-made musical instruments such as Tongue drum and Ukulele. When Tong is making art, opening up all of his senses is what he does. He tries to receive messages from the surroundings, incredibly sensitive to details and sound. To him, daily and ordinary objects found in everyday life, are the origin of creative inspiration.

Starting from 2013, Tong has been working extensively within the community in To Kwa Wan. His latest paintings related to the neighbourhood, with which he fostered a bond during the past few years. Through his candid interpretation, reveal a hidden sense of poeticness surrounding ordinary life and people.

Wong Tong, a Hong Kong artist. He graduated from RMIT University jointly organised with the Hong Kong Arts Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art). His works are mostly painting. Oil painting is a traditional medium with a history that spans centuries, one can never achieve good quality in a short period of time when paints with oil. Wong likes the slow process of oil painting which allows him to think not only about the artwork itself, but also his life, the path he’s taking as well as his ideas and beliefs. Wong also has a talent of making a wide collection of art in different medium. He has participated in many exhibitions in Hong Kong, such as his installation work for the exhibition “City Lights Dian” at K11 Art Space in 2012, also his painting series of “Clouds and Flowing Water Line” for the group exhibition of “Soul Cleansing” at Sin Sin Fine Art Gallery in 2013.

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Sin Sin Fine Art舉辦香港藝術家王棠個展喚。王棠首次運用民間的藝術,重新帶出新的面孔。是次展覽展出他的新畫作、舌鼓、夏威夷結他等樂器,以及裝置作品。日常生活中,看似尋常不過的物件,於他而言都是靈感的起源。每當王棠進入創作狀態時,會盡量開放感官,接收周圍環境的訊息,異常敏感於細節與聲音,也喚起了物件的靈魂。


王棠,香港藝術家。畢業於澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學與香港藝術學院合辦文學士(純藝術),作品以繪畫為主,又常以裝置藝術觀念混合繪畫於不同的展覽展出,包括曾在K11購物藝術館內設置關於「城市之光」的裝置,以及在Sin Sin Fine Art展出的「⾏雲與流⽔」繪畫裝置等。他的作品曾於香港藝穗會、K11 Art Space、牛棚藝術村、石硤尾賽馬會創意藝術中心、Sin Sin Fine Art,以及北京善美當代藝術畫廊展出。過去5年,他有份在土瓜灣參與發起社區組織「土瓜灣故事館」、「土家」及「土炮遊樂場」。