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Chan Tsz Yeung
Hong Kong

Brand Name : HASZ

Work Title : Memorial.20

‘Memorial·20’ explores the transformation of funeral culture in Japan and the rise of reformed ideas about funerals that have caused Japanese society to have new interpretations of life and death. Death is not an end; it is the start of another life; it has its beauty in death; the virtue of transience.

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Kathrynka Trisha Gunawan

Brand Name : Kathrynka Trisha Gunawan

Work Title : Aluk To Dolo

The Toraja are from Sulawesi, in the Designer’s home country of Indonesia.
‘Aluk To Dolo’ means ‘Belief of the Old’ in Toraja-Sa’dan. It portrays the Toraja’s culture through their ideology of animism. The Toraja believe that earth and heaven were married then darkness came; they worship mother nature as it reflects their beliefs of the afterlife and communication with their ancestors.


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Li Ming Heng

Brand Name : ChungMingHei

Work Title : GEI

Qinglou, is traditionally regarded as an obscene place where prostitutes (Gei) work, namely, the courtesan house. However, this interpretation is found to be biased and superficial if we take essential but neglected historical and cultural events into account.

The inspiration of this work comes from this misunderstood term in which I have found the valuable essence of Chinese culture that is worth to be passed on generation after generation. Inheriting the tradition is the key to both a certain culture and a nation. Therefore, it is our responsibility to pass on the merits while removing the debris.


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Parina Rai

Brand Name : PARINA RAI

Work Title : PAHICHAAN

PAHICHAAN is inspired by the Rai, the most ancient indigenous group of people who belong to the Kirant ethnicity in Nepal. In the researching and designing of this collection, the Designer is discovering the soul-inspiring roots of where she is originally from. She is exploring cultural aesthetics through rich details, to preserve the authenticity of Rai culture and tradition in today’s influential world. Her vision is to share the artistic handicrafts made with both love and care in every house in their community.


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Tanisha Haldia

Brand Name : HSEMU

Work Title : KAMASUTRA

“I am an Indian woman and I am reclaiming my sexuality” (Tanisha Haldia, 2018)

This project is a research and creative study on the contemporary misconception of the Kamasutra within the Indian subcontinent and its religions.

The teachings of the ancestral sages, laid down in the book, are disobeyed and the temples that are related to it are abandoned and ignored by society.


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Yiu Shuk Yue Jocelyn
Hong Kong

Brand Name : GONG GUSI

Work Title : GAN1

Beyond communication, language is the carrier of cultures and the habitat of identities. This project acts as a conceptual form of documentary dedicated to the mother tongue of Hong Kong, Cantonese.

The title symbolises and embodies Cantonese’s irreplaceable status and essence that closely intertwines with local cultures, identities, history, values and lifestyles in Hong Kong.

Through exploring the aesthetics of the Cantonese spoken language and the Traditional Chinese characters, the core values behind this work are to raise awareness on the need and the urge to protect, pass on and to inherit this valuable language.


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