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Wong Yankwai (Yank)   黃仁逵

Born in 1955 in Hong Kong, currently lives and works in Hong Kong. At once a painter, art director, set designer, writer, musician, and photographer: Yank is a true renaissance man who expresses his creativity in multiple forms. Yet above all he prefers to be called a painter, not an artist.

Educated in France during the 1970s, Wong was one of the earliest wave of foreign-trained painter to return to his native Hong Kong and embark on a journey in a contemporary art. Wong's painting stands out among the Hong Kong arts scene in that it is free of social urban and historical context. Colour is his primary medium. He structure with it, sculpture with it, moves and speaks with it. The result is an odyssey of powerful and vivid colours that speaks its own truth.

Has been with Sin Sin Fine Art since 2007.