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Potpourri in dictionary is “a mixture of flowers, herbs, and spices that is usually used for scent, or a miscellaneous collection, or medley.” Potpourri for Sin Sin Man is complex; a mixture of colours, fragrances, textures, and tastes. Beautiful things grow in unsuspected fields. It is a theme that echoes alternative ways we each view, create and combine our positions and art within our community and society to create a visual narrative of shared experience.

Sin Sin Man explores the pockets of abundance of her “secret garden”, interpreting her ideas through the materiality of paint, brush, hand and the use of different senses. Past and future are important, as is preserving the moment. Sin likes to juxtapose old with new, people with objects, and nature to marry different eras and ambiguities into her wabi-sabi ‘dreamscapes’. Sin’s works engage with the past to re-establish her place in the present.

The year long “Sin Sin Living Celebration” opens with “Potpourri”, a sensory-immersive art exhibition featuring the latest works by Sin Sin Man. The artist’s tactile sensibility transforms crunched paper, ink, wood, textile and scent into works that dare viewers to reach deep into their sensorial memories and to conjure their very own meaning and understanding.

Take a deep breath, inhale into Sin Sin's Potpourri...