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Yunizar was one of first Indonesian artists Ms. Sin Sin Man encountered during the founding period of Sin Sin Fine Art. He seeks beauty, especially in the trivial and in what is deemed by all else as useless and unimportant. To capture intuition and impulse: that is the great aim of the artist.

Yunizar is known for his works as an attempt to advance his preoccupation for still-life. Bottles, birds, mythical creatures and other elements are painted singly, and later reproduced in simplified outlines, eventually multiplying exponentially as minuscule elements on a canvas. The sense of narrative is kept remaining in the fringes of the frame, is eternally held in anxious tension. Yunizar draws from a rich heritage to create images that evoke memories of dreams and myths as well as the mundane.

In Yunizar’s paintings, they carry his signature abstract style with a focus on texture that invites the viewer to reach out for a feel. His deep understanding on materials helps him to manipulate them to serve his narratives. Working primarily in acrylic and pencil, he artfully builds volume and anti-rhythm with his brushwork and setting forth impressions through contrast and lines, forms and colours.

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