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Alun [BE] is a photographer whose images distinguish themselves through profound expression in high contrast. Alun has carved a creative niche for himself suspended between his upbringing in France, the United States, and his birthplace of Senegal in West Africa. His art is constantly evolving through personal projects focused on the human condition in public spaces - a focus area sparked by his time spent in San Francisco where he received his M.A. in Architecture.

Alun’s works are archived by Museum of Contemporary Photography (MOCP), Musee de la Photographie de Saint-Louis (MUPHO), Museo del Futuro, Mexico City (MUFO).

Alun [BE]'s CV


“Mukucha was trained at the BAT Workshop School in Mbare. Some of his acrylic on paper works with their characteristic sculptural broad tactile strokes and mixed-media found object sculpture can be found at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and various other art centres in Harare,” writes academic and fellow artist Dr Tony Monda. He will be exhibiting and participating in workshops alongside fellow Zimbabwean artists from the Zimbabwean Art Collective (ZAC) for the Full Circle Art Africa programme in Hong Kong.

Clive Mukucha's CV


Senegalese artist and product designer Ousmane Mbaye is in constant conversation with his surroundings. His art is as much his assemblages of found, recycled objects and new materials moulded into colourful, functional objects as it is his process of interrogating and preserving the sense of wholeness of the materials he uses. “(I) try to see (my material) as a living substance that I can enhance with colour and use different techniques with,” he explains.

Ousmane Mbaye's CV