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Sin Sin Man
(b. in Hong Kong)

"Life is a constant change and so we cherish the constants that are dispersed like bridgeheads throughout our life. They are anchors, towers and markers of a finite timeline. A mirror, for instance, this inconspicuous day-to-day object that constantly changes, because the world around drifts in and out of view permanently, with the full force of reality. I wake up and confront the mirror. I am not reluctant to face it, but often people are, and when they are, they miss the beauty of mirroring: truth. The wall installation “day2day” consists of six reflecting surfaces in various sizes mounted on teakwood. I imagine the very first raindrops of a storm that accelerate and expand as messengers of reality. “Energy Process” – a Tai Ping Custom Rug, on the other hand, is in itself static, “re-directing” the depth and beauty of human energy. People shall feel it through touching. But what would energy be without freedom? The ink on paper artworks “Motion” and “Momentum” are extensions of the rug imagery. They playfully insinuate autonomy and independence dancing with each other. And finally – reality, energy and freedom become interconnected. Change is their link, which I visualise in my “Transformation” series, where I wrap textiles around canvases and frames."

Sin Sin Man is the sole founder and director of Sin Sin Fine Art, Sin Sin Atelier and Villa Sin Sin. She is the icon of Hong Kong's very own creative world, spanning from fashion to craft and design to contemporary art.

When she's not roaming the world for inspirations, Sin Sin Man lives and works in Hong Kong.


Sin Sin Man