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Jack Penny
(United Kingdom)

Jack’s creative practice is motivated by a search for authenticity, he’s driven by capturing a real sense of humanity within his work. What’s more he freely accepts mistakes in his work, inviting his audience to explore, challenge and react to each painting. His decision to expose his vulnerability as a painter, undoubtedly makes Jack’s work all the more evocative. 

Rather than relying on manipulative techniques to develop a painting, Jack is conscious of trying to spark his audience’s sensory awareness as they experience his work. As he paints, Jack’s process is intuitive as he attempts to act before making choices. Without hesitation, Jack responds spontaneously to the work developing before him, relying only upon his initial instincts when making decisions regarding the colours, textures or lines.

On principle, Jack believes in working intuitively, because it challenges his temptation to rely upon an educated consciousness. In paradox, Jack’s more spontaneous approach both overthrows and entwines all that he’s ever learnt as an artist. Every piece of work Jack makes is of the moment, searching for the strange, embracing the jarring and always demanding a second look.

Over the past two years, Jack has enjoyed four successful exhibitions including three as part of the artistic collective Hexen Studio and one held independently on the South Coast. This year, Jack is also looking forward to his first exhibition in Berlin as well as an exhibition in London with India Dickinson. As Jack’s style continues to evolve, and he both challenges and embraces his broad spectrum of influences, you can follow his movements in his Full CV below: