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Antoinette Rozan
(b. 1970 in Paris, France)

Antoinette Rozan comes from a lineage of five generations of artists, engravers, sculptors and architects. After a career in luxury sales in France and Hong Kong, she discovered her passion and what gives her freedom: sculpting in clay or plaster, plying metal, letting herself go and guiding herself by the medium itself to create shapes. A real paradox for an artist that can see only out of one eye! She has been expressing herself recently, in ink on paper.

She focuses her research on energy, movement, the mystery of matter that creates illusions: bronze seems to be light, a face hides another, there is balance where it would seem impossible…

This artist invites us to share the field of possibilities. Her creativity shows us how life is movement. After living in Hong Kong for many years, she developed a sensibility to the spiritual way of thinking that is customary in Asia.

The artist’s work has been commissioned by private collectors, public and private organisations, associations and companies. She’s created works as different as portraits, memorials, trophies, monumental sculpture, paintings and original works for her patrons. Antoinette Rozan likes the challenge of putting her creativity to use and creating art that adapts either to a strict demand or having the freedom of creation.


Antoinette Rozan