Antoinette Rozan
(b. 1970 in Paris, France)

French sculptor Antoinette Rozan was born in Paris in 1970 – part of the fifth generation of a family of artists – painters, engravers and architects. She is currently living and working in Hong Kong.

Following her graduation in business studies, she worked for Cartier from 1994 to 1997 in Hong Kong, and then in luxury accessories in Paris. In 1998, Antoinette discovered sculpture, and at the same time developed a great interest in the theories of expression of the mind through the body. “The day I touched clay, I felt alive... I discovered a rare and precious means of expressing my deep-rooted passion for life.” She has dedicated herself to sculpture since 2001, perfecting her techniques through courses with professional sculptors.

The year 2006 marked Antoinette’s return to Hong Kong, where she has worked on her art, and shared her passion for art through teaching. She has set up ”Terre-Happy”, a program based on art-therapy: the aim is to work towards a better understanding of one’s personal issues by expressing them through clay, dialogue, and symbolic acts.

Antoinette’s sculptures reflect strong emotions and deliver messages on the sheer essence and instincts of life: vitality, life force and energy. Some sculptures relate to her personal journey into her own self; others reflect a free spirited message of love, peace and joy – a positive energy for full self-actualization. Influenced by Chinese art, she works on light and shadow, emptiness and fullness.

Her recent work includes a commission from the French Government for the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences in Central, Hong Kong. This year, she is one of the artists selected to exhibit for the European event: “Marseille, European Capital of Culture” held in a renowned building of Le Corbusier.

Has been with Sin Sin Fine Art since 2008.


Antoinette Rozan


ANTOINETTE ROZAN my mirrors and secrets wood and mirrors, inside in black textile sculpture in silicone 46 x 33 x 23 cm | 2013 in 10 Years After | 13 Sep - 31 Oct 2014 | a group exhibition
ANTOINETTE ROZAN Harmony bronze | 34 x 41 x 38 cm | 2008 in Be Here Now | 22 May - 25 June 2008 | a group exhibition
ANTOINETTE ROZAN Serenity bronze | 42 x 31 x 31 cm | 2005 in Be Here Now | 22 May - 25 June 2008 | a group exhibition