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After a decade of bringing in exciting art discoveries from around the world - notably from Indonesia, to Hong Kong, Sin Sin is delighted to share a recent discoveries she found closer to home at JCCAC (Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre) in Shek Kip Mei, Hong Kong. In December 2013, Sin Sin attended the opening of FIVE, a group exhibition held at JCCAC in celebration of their 5th Anniversary, featuring works by their tenants. Some of the works she saw that evening captured her imagination and spoke directly to her current mission to delve deeper into Hong Kong art scene at grass root level through the space she has at Sin Sin Fine Art. It has always been her greatest joy to gather creative energy and to inspire more people.

Thus the first ever collaboration between Sin Sin Fine Art and JCCAC is born, manifested in this HONG KONG FORWARDS group exhibition. Sin Sin Fine Art and JCCAC are excited to show recent works by Fonny Lau, Jessie Leung, Joey Leung, Julvian Ho, Wong Tong, and eight artists from Hong Kong Modern Ink Painting Society (Anita Lau Kam Chee, Chan Sing Kau, Jiwye To, Margaret Kwok Fan Yeung, Nina Pryde, Rick Chan Chak Fai, Stella Yau Mui Chun, and Wong Wai Keung).

The works shown in HONG KONG FORWARDS range from paintings to drawing on wooden panel, from ceramic to sculpture, from installation to art happening - showcasing a fresh eye on the scope of art practice by local artists in Hong Kong today.

Meet the artists during the ArtWalk on 12 March 2014. To further encourage and facilitate dialogues between local artists, Meeting Point with Artists @ Sin Sin will be held at Sin Sin Fine Art on 12 April 2014, from 3 to 8 pm. It is open to everyone who wishes to participate. Any artists and artlovers in Hong Kong are encouraged to join the gathering and benefit from it. RSVP is required.