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Sin Sin Fine Art is delighted to present the latest works by emerging British artist Jack Penny (b. 1988, Chichester, UK). Sin Sin Man, founder and curator of Sin Sin Fine Art discovered Jack Penny in St. Moritz, Switzerland during the Allegra Projects artist residency they were both invited to in 2016.

“A Mental Impression”, Jack Penny’s second solo exhibition at Sin Sin Fine Art, is a carefully selected body of work from different series that the artist has been working on over the last few years, inspired by his traveling and new experiences. The eloquent artist describes himself as a spectator of life, who enjoys depicting how he feels about a place through his work, in order to make sense of it.

Jack Penny’s work vibrates with a sense of immediacy, celebrating the unknown, which highly appeals to him. It reflects the way he works: he seldom paints while traveling; choosing instead to rely on a few sketches here and there, which serve as a reference to distant twisted memories of what he has seen and experienced. He prefers to concentrate less on the subject matter and more on the way he paints the work, which quite often has an underlining universal sense of anxiety mixed with a playful colour pallet, never knowing where each painting will take him. In this way he maintains the authenticity of the mental impression he developed during his traveling.

Over the past three years, Jack has enjoyed four successful exhibitions including three as part of the artistic collective Hexen Studio and one held independently on the South Coast. In 2017 Jack has had his first exhibitions in Berlin and Hong Kong, as well as an exhibition in London with India Dickinson. As Jack’s style continues to evolve, and he both challenges and embraces his broad spectrum of influences, his work continues to intrigue us - allowing us to relate and to wonder.

Immerse yourself in Jack’s mental impression.

Jack Penny in his studio