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Searching..., curated by Sin Sin Man and Stefán A.R Orschel-Read, is bringing together the works of 6 established artists and 6 emerging garment créateurs, all recent graduates from Raffles Design Institute.

Bob Yudhita Agung

Fauzie As'ad

Satoshi Katayama

Sin Sin Man

Sun Guang Yi

Wong Tong

Chan Tsz Yeung

Kathrynka Trisha Gunawan

Li Ming Heng

Parina Rai

Tanisha Haldia

Yiu Shuk Yue Jocelyn

The exhibition explores the notion of identity through the pairing of established artists and garment artisans whose approach elucidates Asian ancestry, culture, crafts and social concerns.

Identity is both a singular experience and a universal belonging. We quest continually to demarcate the parameters that define us. What predicates express who we truly are, that go beyond character, habits and interests? Qualities that we take pride in define our authentic individuality. Our actions respond to implicit rules of affiliation that allow us to align ourselves to a given social group. We are our roots.

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