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Sin Sin Fine Art is pleased to present a cross-year joint exhibition - ‘Attitude’. The exhibition engaged four Hong Kong based devoted ceramic artists, encompassing Chiu So Lan, Lee Man Yip, Joey Leung Cho Yi and Rosanna Li Wei Han. The diversity of their creation versatile has received high acclaims from the public, that their masterpieces include functional wares, ceramic sculptures, mixed-media works and installations. It is hoped that their works can be a medium for everyone to have a deeper insight into the ceramic history of Hong Kong.

“Attitude determines altitude”, having a positive attitude will always bring us up higher in life. It is simply a way of responding to life in a manner that allows us to accept duality, overcome challenges and recover from adversity. Our curator, Sin Sin Man believes that the word - “Attitude” does not convey the meaning of negativity. On the contrary, it means the strength of power and vitality. Looked back to four ceramic artists, they all have undergone a long journey of their life but still very fascinating in searching fun, having a good sense of humour and insist on creating their own identity. Their attitude for living is really inspiring to people who is surrounded and depressed by the cramped social atmosphere nowadays.r minds, where they have been, how life has affected them, how they will continue...”

In this exhibition, the egg held particular symbolic significance, it brings the message that ‘each of us are out of the ordinary’, we all born in different backgrounds and have different talents but with acquired efforts, we have the rights to choose our destiny.

Our destiny is not something we can sit by and let happen to us, we all need to have grit to achieve success with the resilience.

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