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Life should always be a celebration.
In Sin Sin’s universe, there are always reasons to celebrate. Together, let’s also be grateful for the small things in life. No matter how difficult the world may seem, a source of light is always within us.

At the beginning of a new year, Sin Sin Fine Art presents “Celebration” - a group exhibition showcasing artworks of tenartists from all over the world and their own interpretations of “celebration”. As Colombian painter Fernando Botero said, “Art should be an oasis: a place or refuge from the hardness of life”. We are pleased to invite you to join our oasis of art and to experience how international artists cherish life in their works.

Participating Artists:
Alejandro Rodríguez – Argentina based in Hong Kong
Andrea Björsell - Swedish based in Hong Kong
Carlos García De La Nuez – Cuban based in Mexico
Dwi Setianto - Indonesian based in Finland
Jack Penny - British
Roland Hagenberg - Austrian based in Japan
Sin Sin Man 冼倩文 - Hong Kong
Sun GuangYi 孫廣義 - China
Wensen Qi 文森漆 - French based in China
Zhang XiaoDong 張曉棟 - China

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