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(b. 1971 in Malang, East Java, Indonesia)

My father once told me about my grandfather who liked to make toys for my father when he was little before his parent separated and my father came to live with his new family. My grandfather worked in the railway, I never found out exactly what was his job there. What I know is that I inherited my drawing talent from him. I have always loved to make things since I was small. Drawing, painting, sewing, gardening. Anything. It pleases me to make things, to give life. It would please me even more when what I have made pleases others.

Eighteen years ago I moved to Finlandia. It doesn't change my love to make things. No wonder I could stay in a foreign country with such a different culture from my own for a long time. I love adventure; I consider it a challenge. There are a lot to learn from the experience: how to live in a place so different as a foreigner. What I found to be very important is how I learn more about myself through it all.

Has been with Sin Sin Fine Art since 2014.


Dwi Setianto