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Sin Sin Fine Art is proud to present "Fantasy Garden", a solo exhibition by Dwi Setianto.

Dwi Setianto is an artist originally from Malang, East Java in Indonesia who had moved to Finland in 1996 to pursue arts at Lahti art institute, where he continued to refine his love for drawing and creating. His works feature playful depictions of linear characters and botanical figures, which are inspired by his personal habits and experiences, working with nature gives him the time to study structures of greenery.

The exhibition takes us on a stroll inside Dwi's Fantasy Garden. His personal acreage that nurtures artworks created with free play of colour and asymmetrical shapes, cultivated with his creative energy, and dialogue with himself. The core of the artworks radiates an essence that allows us to be empowered by the nature, and infinite expedition that strives us to fall into the evergreen flow of individuality.

Now take a break, and step into "Fantasy Garden" to redefine your own fantasy.

Sin Sin Fine Art 誠意向各位推介 Dwi Setianto 的個人展《Fantasy Garden》。

Dwi Setianto 是一位來自印度尼西亞東爪哇省瑪瑯的藝術家。他於 1996 年移居芬蘭,在拉赫蒂藝術學院追求藝術,在那裡他繼續提升對繪畫和創作的熱愛。他的作品以有趣的線畫人物和植物形象做為特色,這靈感來自他的個人習慣和經歷,在大自然間工作讓他有空間學習植物的結構。

Dwi 的作品帶我們走進輕鬆,有趣和幽默的內心世界。他用創造力和與自己的對話培育著自由發揮色彩和不對稱形狀的藝術作品。作品的核心散發出一種本質,讓我們用大自然賦予的力量,無限發揮我們個人的意念。

現在休息一下,踏入《Fantasy Garden》,重新定義自己的幻想。