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Sin Sin Fine Art proudly presents “Retrospective (2012-2022)” associated with French May, a solo exhibition of the French Artist Vincent Cazeneuve, also known as Wensen Qi. This exhibition features Wensen’s work across the ten years since he had his first solo exhibition “Poetic Layers” with Sin Sin Fine Art in 2012.

Wensen Qi moved to Chongqing (Toulouse’s twin town) in 2007 where he explored further in his connection with lacquer and acquired his Chinese name Wensen Qi. Over the years of expedition, lacquer still acts like a strong magnet to him, leading to his devotion on this form of art. .

Mixing modern Western elements into ancient Chinese lacquer techniques which create a spark between expression of mediums, Wensen has been exploring the infinite possibilities of perseverance of traditions in contemporary times. Deeply touched by the aesthetics of the nature, he has also further explored the integration of lacquer with lithography, engraving, relief piling, mosaic collage and incrustations.

Wensen’s fortitude and patience does not only create the eternity in his lacquer works, instead, it also manifests the common vision of Sin Sin Man and Wensen. Expecting to emerge and bloom in their paths.

Sin Sin Fine Art 誠意向各位推介法國藝術家文森 · 漆(Vincent Cazeneuvre)的個人展。本次展覽入選為法國五月(French May)的聯辦節目,將會展出文森 · 漆於2012年首次於 Sin Sin Fine Art 舉辦展覽

文森 · 漆於2007年為了更深入地研究漆器藝術而移居重慶(圖蘆茲的姐妹城市),並為自己取名文森·漆。經過多年的探索,漆藝的自然美和特殊性始終吸引著他忠實地進行漆器創作。

文森 · 漆以中國傳統大漆混合西方元素,不只創造不同媒介之間的對話,也鍥而不捨地探索在現代保存古老技術的方法。他更進一步探索漆器用於木器、纖維和布料上的無限可能,開啟大自然帶給他的啟發與感動。

文森 · 漆對於琢磨漆藝的堅持不懈,令他的創作與漆器一樣永垂不朽。同時也展現了冼倩文與文森 · 漆的共同願景,在彼此的路上一起綻放。

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