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Sin Sin Fine Art is proud to present “Back to School”, the solo exhibition by Sin Sin Man, curated by Lie Fhung, celebrating 20 years of Sin Sin Fine Art.

Sin Sin Man creates her very own way of living, with her love for art and beauty at its core. She builds her own nest – from Sin Sin Atelier to Sin Sin Fine Art to Villa Sin Sin, curating exhibitions for Hong Kong artists as well as diverse artists from the fringes of the world to Hong Kong.

“Back to School” beckons you to open your mind and heart with curiosity to discover more. As Sin Sin embraces change, her work keeps evolving. There are layers to unveil, to ponder, to enjoy in each of Sin Sin’s new artworks in this show. Whether it is paper, canvas, wood or metal, guided by her incredible artistic senses, Sin Sin manages to transform them into playful, and in turn, mysterious works of art. All of which are insightful. All of which are very Sin Sin.

A very personal set of works, as a whole, “Back to School” forms a kind of archive representing twenty years’ life of Sin Sin Man the creator, and the art space Sin Sin Fine Art that she created. Over these years, Sin Sin’s artistic language and symbols emerged - they reflect her sometimes childlike pure spirit, her dare-devil courage in the face of difficulties, and her steadiness in being true to herself - flowing ahead on the paths she created. The results are intriguing and engaging; a committed, and yet unburdened expression that is authentically Sin Sin’s.

Andrea Björsell, Dwi Setianto, Lie Fhung, Roland Hagenberg, Sun Guangyi, Zhang Xiaodong, are among many of Sin Sin’s long-term artists who will share their impressions of Sin Sin’s works through writings, photographs and digital imaging in the eCatalog to mark the 20th anniversary of Sin Sin Fine Art.

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