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Freedom, Movement, Paradox and Energy are the words that best describe Antoinette Rozan and her work. Self-taught multi-disciplinary artist for 20 years, creation is for her a vital expression, which she explores in 2D and 3D. She creates upon different media: ink on paper, silicone, bronze, metal and resin.

The great success of her first exhibition in France in 2005, and of Sin Sin Fine Art’s Trust in Hong Kong, convinced her to devote herself to her art. Over the past 15 years, she has displayed her art in various scenes, from the most prestigious to the more intimate, in France and abroad. Her works have been showed in museums (Hong Kong Museum of Medicine and Sciences), fairs (Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong) and public places (Cité Radieuse du Corbusier, Clinique Saint Martin in Marseille, Tai Koo Place in Hong Kong).

She gives body to emotions and movement to matter. Substance takes shape in an energetic vibration and a colourful explosion. Paradox is the source of the strength she infuses into her work. She sculpts in volume yet sees with only one eye. She expresses that life is a perpetual wave of energy in motion, yet her spine has been sealed since childhood. In her work she embodies the joy of living overcoming obstacles and hardship. When we are grounded in ourselves, we can fly. Life may sometimes give us the illusion that we are limited, but, Antoinette Rozan proves, through the universal symbols that vibrate in our lives, that we are limitless.

自由、動態、矛盾和能量是對安托瓦內特-羅贊(Antoinette Rozan)及其作 品最好的描述。安托瓦內特-羅贊是一位自學成才的多學科藝術家,至今已 有20年的創作經 歷,創作對她來說是一種不可或缺的表達方式,透過利用 不同的媒介進行創作,包括 紙本水墨、矽膠、青銅、金屬和樹脂,不斷地 在平面和立體的領域進行探索。

2005年在法國舉辦的首次展覽取得了巨大的成功,以及得到 Sin Sin Fine Art 對她的信 任和鼓勵,使她更堅定了投身藝術創作的決心。在過去的15 年裏,從最負盛名的場館 到各種場合和空間,她的作品先後在法國和世界 各地展出,當中包括博物館(香港醫 學博物館)、藝術博覽會(香港 Affordable Art Fair 藝術展會)和公共場所(馬賽公 寓、馬賽聖馬丁診 所,以及香港的太古坊)

她賦予情感以形體,讓物質充滿活力與色彩的爆發,而矛盾則為她的作品注 入了力量的 源泉。即使她只能用一只眼睛觀看,仍然無阻她創作和完成雕 刻作品。她認為生命是 一股永不停歇的能量,即使她有著曲折艱辛的過 往。她的作品體現了生命中克服困難 和障礙的喜悅。生活或許有時會讓我 們產生錯覺而只看到自我的局限,但是,安托瓦 內特-羅贊的作品透過振動 於生活中的普世符號證明了生命的無限。

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