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(b. 1964 in Spain)

French-Colombian artist Pablo Posada Pernikoff was born in Spain in 1964, and raised in Paris and Bogota. After studying engineering and mathematics in Bogota and Montreal, Pablo moved to Milan to study design and fine art. In 1990 he moved to Japan, as he was invited by the Japanese government on various research grants, earning a PhD at the Tokyo University of the Arts and Music where he earned in 1998.

His works are an abstraction based on how matter flows through space and time, observing the natural phenomena of nature evolving and mutating with the passage of time.

Pablo works with a variety of natural materials. To enhance their natural flow, he cuts, polishes, and carves into glass plates and layered blocks, whereas crystal is blown and formed by hand. The deep shapes carved into these pieces create zones of shadow, while retaining light in a way that almost makes it tangible. Some works utilize gold and silver leaf to further interact with the light.

He also uses paper, metal, color pigments, and inks as mediums. The reliefs in metal and paper creates lines of light and shadow which convey movement that is frozen in time, however the colored component of these pieces allow them to evolve discretely and infuse a subtle feeling of life.

Pablo also creates engravings on Japanese paper using thick ink, adding a tactile quality and a deepness to the crude lines that speak to flows of growth and change. Collections in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, Bogota, Beijing, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Singapore.

Has been with Sin Sin Fine Art since 2005.